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Brand: DMR Bikes Model: DMR-PIN-VAULT-K
44 steel DMR flip pins 16 x short pins (for use in the centre section of your pedals) overall length 8.5mm, thread is M4x0.7x4, strud is 4.5mm using either a 5mm spanner or 2mm allen Wrench to secure. 28 x long pins (for use in the outside edge of your pedals) overall length 12.5mm, thread is ..
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Brand: DMR Bikes Model: DMR-PIN-VAULT-MOTO-K
44 Moto X Pins Overall length 11mm, thread is M4x0.7x6, strud is 5mm using the provided Wrench to secure. Moto Pin Wrench included...
Ex Tax:£21.00
DMR  Terror Pins  20 Pcs
Brand: DMR Bikes Model: DMR-PTR-99
Standard Pins Standard length (M4x0.7x8) replacement Pins for DMR V8 or V12 pedals. Terror Pins Extra long (M4x0.7x10), Chrome plated pedal pins to give claw like grip for DMR V8 and V12 pedals - Wear Pads!..
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The DMR V-Twin Bumper Kit has tuneable platform height with Nylon Bumper, Metal Shim plate. Kit Includes: • 4x 1mm Front Metal Shim. • 4x 1mm Rear Metal Shim. • 4x Front Bumper. • 4x Rear Bumper. • 28x Retaining bolts...
Ex Tax:£22.50
Brand: DMR Bikes Model: DMR-S-VTWIN-CAGE
All DMR Products View all pedals Find a stockist DMR V-Twin Pedal Cleats Cage includes 1x Cleat Cage 1x Cleat Clasp 1x Clasp Axle 1x Tension Adjustment Bolt with marrying Threaded Plate 1x Right hand side Return Sprin..
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Brand: DMR Bikes Model: DMR-S-VTWIN-CLEAT5
DMR V-Twin Pedal Cleats Kit includes: 2x E-C05F 5 degree cleats. 2x Slotted face plates. 2x M5x0.8 twin threaded fixing plates. 2x Twin drilled countersunk plates. 4x M5x0.8 10mm countersunk bolts. Weight: 70g (approx)...
Ex Tax:£126.00
DMR V-Twin Pedal End Caps includes: 2x Black Aluminium Stepped Counter-Sunk End Caps: √ò OD: 20.5mm. √ò Step One: 16mm. √ò Step Two: 9mm. √ò ID: 5mm. Width: 8mm. Counter-Sunk Bolts: 2x M5x0.75. Length: 26mm...
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Brand: DMR Bikes Model: DMR-S-V11-ENDCAPS
DMR V11 Pedal Replacement End Caps...
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Brand: DMR Bikes Model: DMR-V11-K
DMR does performance composite. Presenting the V11 pedal. For those that favour the durability, compliance and affordability of composite pedals, the new benchmark choice from DMR has arrived! The V11 is moulded with the same proven shape as the multi award-winning Vault pedal, providing a huge ..
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Brand: DMR Bikes Model: DMR-S-V11-PINS
DMR V11 Pedal Spare Pin Set. Including: 16x Flip Pins. 28x Moto X Pins. 44x Nuts. 1x 3mm Allen Wrench. 1x Moto Pin Wrench...
Ex Tax:£21.00
Brand: DMR Bikes Model: DMR-S-V11-KIT
DMR V11 Pedal Spares and Service Kit includes: 2x Sealed bearing number: 686ZZ - 6mm √ò ID (Internal Diameter) 13mm √ò OD (Over All Diameter) 5mm Width. 2x Plain bearing (bushing) 12mm √ò ID (Internal Diameter) 14mm √ò OD (Over All Diameter) 12mm Width. Nuts: 1x M6x0.75 5 deep right hand threa..
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Brand: DMR Bikes Model: DMR-S12-AXLE-PR-V2
DMR V12/V12 Mag V2 Ti Axles: Lose another 80g from your V12’s or Mag V12’s (Version 2) by fitting these Titanium Nitride coated Solid Titanium axles. "Maximum rider weight is not to exceed 187lbs or 85kgs". Pair of axles, including shields and M7 locking nuts. Replacement Axles: Direct repl..
Ex Tax:£21.00
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