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Saris   Fluid2 Smart Kit Trainer
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Brand: Saris Model: Saris Fluid2 Smart Kit Trainer
Make Every Workout Count Better health. Faster splits. More me-time. Whatever your goals may be, the Fluid² helps you get the most out of each indoor training ride. The large, precision-balanced flywheel (with patented fan design) lets you easily customize each ride simply by shifting gea..
Ex Tax:£289.99
Brand: Saris Model: Saris aw19 H3 Silent Smart Trainer
Reliable. Durable. Quieter Than Ever Before. When it comes to indoor bike trainers, the most frequently asked question is: how quiet is it? Taking this to heart, our Madison, Wisconsin-based team put this query under the microscope and set a goal to build a trainer so quiet, that the only sound i..
Ex Tax:£899.99
Brand: Saris Model: Saris M2 Smart Trainer
  Our opinion: Its the best of both worlds for someone who wants a smart trainer without breaking the bank and reliable as Saris   Product Features +/- 5% accurate power readings. Controlled, electromagnetic resistance provides a precise workout every time. Seamlessly co..
Ex Tax:£399.00
Saris Mag Trainer
Brand: Saris Model: Saris Mag Trainer
Sweet Simplicity No fancy gizmos. No wires. No fuss. If you’re looking for an easy way to ride your bicycle indoors, call off the search – you’ve found it. Whether your training for a local charity ride or working to beat your friend’s FitBit score, the Mag indoor bike ..
Ex Tax:£145.00
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