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Rim Tape

Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: E-EMCHCSPPLUSS29
This tubeless rim-strip makes tubeless conversions easy and quick. Unlike its butyl predecessors (from other brands), Effetto Caffélatex rim-strip is very light, puncture-proof and transparent, made using a proprietary polymer blend.Each Effetto Caffélatex rim-strip kit contains:2x rim strips2x 40..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: E-EMCHCRS
We started developing Carogna (pronounced “car-own-ya”) double sided adhesive tubular tape with a clear and ambitious goal: to bridge the gap between previously existing tapes and mastic in terms of gluing performance and heat-resistance, while retaining all the advantages of tapes. In addition ..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: E-EMCHCRRM150
Carogna Remover is a modern solvent that will soften/gelify dried-out mastic or other glues, allowing to completely remove them from carbon or aluminium rims. That will provide the optimal surface for passing to Carogna tubular tape… or use fresh mastic on a clean rim.• Easy to apply.• Very ef..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: E-EMCHEDC50
When using double-sided adhesive tapes, cleaning of the surfaces is paramount for a proper adhesion. For cycling, Cyclocross in particular requires a perfect gluing performance, only achievable when both rim and tubular surfaces are clean and ready: enters Eau de Carogna tubular base tape primer!•..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: E-EMCHSHZERO21MR
Effetto Shelter ZeroDue is a very thin (0,2 mm), super lightweight polymeric protector.Shelter ZeroDue easily adapts to difficult geometries and possesses an incredibly high abrasion resistance.The ideal complement to Shelter Off-Road (1,2 mm) and Shelter Road (0,6 mm), for different protection need..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: E-EMCHSHR1MR
Effetto shelter tape is a self-adhesive, transparent protection with visco-elastic behaviour that protects carbon-fibre or metal structures it’s applied to. Shelter tape is available in two versions, Road and Off-Road, and in rolls of 1m or 5m..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: E-EMCHTI402
Tyreinvader is an anti-pinch-flat insert for tubeless tyres. Very simple to use and light, it saves your tyres and rims from hard impacts without interfering with the way your wheels behave.  Available in several widths, to fit rims and tyres from cyclocross, to Gravel to Plus. Very li..
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