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Folding Bikes

Brand: Tern Model: Tern Link B7 Folding Bike
The Link B7 is built for exploring. It folds down small in ten seconds, so you can bring it with you anywhere—on the subway, in your car, or even store it indoors at night. With 7-speed gearing, eyelets for rear racks, and a height-adjustable telescopic handlepost, it packs a ton of versatilit..
Ex Tax:£599.00
Brand: Tern Model: Tern Link D8 Folding Bike
Mobile phones, umbrellas, point and shoot cameras—the natural arc of evolution moves in a direction of increasing portability—the bicycle is no different. The Link D8 is your everyday travel companion, whether your trip is exclusively on two wheels or in combination with buses, trains, o..
Ex Tax:£870.00
Brand: Tern Model: Tern Vektron S10 Active 400 10spd Folding E-Bike
Bosch Active Line Plus electric drivetrain for more torque and smoother acceleration Updated frame design, with a reclining battery for a lower center of gravity and better ride Integrated Atlas Rack works seamlessly with Thule Yepp Maxi and Nexxt Maxi child seats—no adapters needed Resi..
Ex Tax:£3,600.00
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