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Brand: Giro Model: GI187150105
Giro: GLOVES FOR WHEN THE GOING GETS ROUGH Sometimes when you hit the trail, the trail hits back. That’s when you need gloves that not only deliver grip and abrasion resistance, but also serve up an added dose of material across the knuckles. The all-new Gnar deploys D30 Impact Additive TPR kn..
Ex Tax:£44.99
Brand: Giro Model: GI187150085
Giro: MINIMAL DESIGN, MAXIMAL PERFORMANCE The Supernatural™ Lite meets the demands of riders looking for minimal padding but maximum comfort. Using a thinner version of the revolutionary molded, three-dimensional palm we developed in conjunction with Elastic Interface®, the Supernatural Li..
Ex Tax:£54.99
Brand: Giro Model: GI187150293
Giro: SMALLER SIZING, SAME BIG PERFORMANCE The Trixter™ Youth features the same smart design as its namesake, just in a smaller package. Features like fourchettes (the area between your fingers) made with AX Suede® Bolt fabric featuring InstaChill™ technology that cools your skin whe..
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