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Brand: FSA Model: 41000010000111
Specific charger for FSA System.Charging InTube battery and external battery.42V 2a.UK version...
Ex Tax:£89.99
Brand: FSA Model: 41000007000110
Replacement charging port for FSA HM1 Bike system...
Ex Tax:£42.00
Brand: FSA Model: 41000060000000
Replacement Ebike System Controller for FSA HM1 system...
Ex Tax:£109.99
Brand: FSA Model: 41000005000110
Integrated torque sensor.Integrated battery design (250WH).External battery as optional (+250WH) for total 500WH.1 on/off button and assistance level selection.5 assistance levels.Superior waterproof performance.Long life (bearing life).Long maintenance cycle.Easy to maintain.Easy to install.No limi..
Ex Tax:£839.99
Brand: FSA Model: 41000003000110
LED HID push button.Top tube integrated.On-Off and assistance level selection.5 bright colours...
Ex Tax:£62.00
Brand: FSA Model: 41000013000110
252Wh / 7ah 36V.Downtube integrated.Fit and forget design.Easy recharge via frame charging port...
Ex Tax:£709.99
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