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Shimano DXR

Brand: Shimano DXR Model: BLMX70L
Easily adjustable DXR brake lever for V-brakes, suited to the most demanding of BMX racingFeatures both reach and cable adjusters to tailor your braking set-up quickly and preciselyThese DXR two finger brake levers offer exceptional control and performance with Shimano's proven Super Linear Response..
Ex Tax:£34.99
Brand: Shimano DXR Model: BRMX70R
Lightweight and powerful forged aluminium DXR rim brake for BMX racingCartridge system makes it easy to replace brake pads without disturbing the brake shoe settingShimano S70C type brake pads for high performance and low noiseSpring tension adjuster makes it easy to keep the brakes centredPads are ..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Brand: Shimano DXR Model: FCMX71E
BMX HollowTech II crankset for serious racing using the new external bottom bracket bearing system to maximum effectLightweight yet rigid design is highly durable and incredibly strongHollowTech II bottom brackets bearings are mounted outboard of the frame, increasing there diameter and placing the..
Ex Tax:£379.99
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