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Brake Pad

Brand: SRAM Model: AV15000
Sram: Shorty Cross Brake Pads and Holder from Avid...
Ex Tax:£28.00
Brand: SRAM Model: AV44010
Sram: When good brakes aren t good enough.The new Shorty Ultimate features an in-line cable adjustor to put an end to the days of needing three hands to set up and adjust your brakes and a new cable quick-release that makes popping off your wheel effortless...
Ex Tax:£34.00
Brand: SRAM Model: AV192010
Sram: Avid 20R Performance brake pads are symmetrical. Great all weather performance. Excellent V-brake pad. Comes with washers and spacers for perfect alignment. Ideal for MTB bike...
Ex Tax:£250.00
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