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SKS: Tyre pressure sensor for tubeless tyresAddition to the AIRSPY family: The digital tyre pressure monitoring system is now also available for tubeless tires. The AIRSPY TL has an integrated aluminium valve for switching to tubeless tyres. There are four sets available for the front and rear wheel..
Ex Tax:£110.00
Brand: SKS Model: SKC11884
SKS: Power bank for even more power The 10,000 mAh +COM/CHARGER offers even more power for the mobile phone battery. The inductive charging station provides energy to the smartphone attached to the COMPIT mobile phone holder, even during longer bike tours. The bayonet mount allows the +COM/CHARGER t..
Ex Tax:£60.00
Brand: SKS Model: SKC11756
SKS: Fast charging station with energy from the e-bike motor Under power: The COM/PAD fast charging system is an innovative extension of the COMPIT mobile phone holder range. The highlight: The inductive fast charging station is supplied with energy directly from the e-bike motor. This means that no..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Brand: SKS Model: SKC11545
SKS: Produced from robust polymer, the COMPIT Action Cam adapter allows you to attach an action camera to the front of the COMPIT mount...
Ex Tax:£15.00
Brand: SKS Model: SKC11703
SKS: Mobile phone holder for universal use Simple, fast and universal: With a robust hook and loop fastener and two locking rings, the COMPIT ANYWHERE mobile phone holder can be mounted securely on the handlebars, stem or top tube. The system can also be easily attached to buggies and removed again...
Ex Tax:£25.00
Brand: SKS Model: SKC11547
SKS: If your e-bike uses the Bosch Intuvia head unit, this cable allows you to charge up the +COM/UNIT with the battery power from your e-bike...
Ex Tax:£15.00
Brand: SKS Model: SKC11608
SKS: Where are you going to put the bicycle bottle if the bicycle frame does not provide space for a bottle cage? This especially a problem with eBikes. The COM/CAGE VELO bottle cage system provides an ideal solution for the cockpit. The bottle is especially accessible on the handlebars and it can s..
Ex Tax:£24.00
Brand: SKS Model: SKC11555
SKS: Produced by SKS, this bracket replaces the lower bracket of a Bosch Intuvia head unit, to allow an action camera or front light to be fitted in front of it. To be used in conjunction with SKC11545 Action Cam Adapter or SKC11582 Light Adapter...
Ex Tax:£15.00
Brand: SKS Model: SKC11538
SKS: Smartphone cover with a mounting device Made of shock-absorbing 2-component plasticIn order to secure the smartphone to the COMPIT or the +COM/UNIT, it must be equipped with a suitable COMPIT COVER. The smartphone cover with a special mounting device makes it possible to dock the smartphone ont..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Brand: SKS Model: SKC11599
SKS: With the COMPIT/E SPACER it’s now possible to attach the COMPIT/E smartphone holder to E-Bikes with Yamaha- and Shimano-Displays.Thanks to the set of spacers, the smartphone is fixed centrically below the display. The set consists of four rubber inserts for the clamp, two new clamps, four..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Brand: SKS Model: SKC11880
SKS: Flexible mobile phone holder with a flexible arm  Whether in the car, in the kitchen or at work: With the COMPIT FLEXX smartphone holder, your mobile phone is always in sight. The universal system has a flexible arm that can be easily bent into the desired position. The angle of the mobile..
Ex Tax:£24.00
Brand: SKS Model: SKC11542
SKS: 10cm USB cable compatible with the iPhone lightning connection, to allow a non-QI certified iPhone to be charged by the +COM/UNIT communication station...
Ex Tax:£19.00
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