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Bicycle Transport Bags & Cases

Brand: Evoc Model: EV726159
EVOC: The multi-functional BIKE STAND PRO lets you to pack bikes securely in all EVOC BIKE BAGS - irrespective of their size or the type of bike. Variable axle mounts now enable the attachment of any type of bike.FEATURESFits all bike types and all frame sizesFits into the EVOC BIKE BAG, BIKE BAG PR..
Ex Tax:£129.99
Brand: Evoc Model: EV726258
EVOC: For many years the BIKE TRAVEL BAG is our approved solution for transporting almost any type of bike. As a hybrid construction it combines the advantages of a hard shell case with the properties of a soft bag. The redesigned bike travel bag is the compact solution for transporting virtually an..
Ex Tax:£424.99
Brand: Evoc Model: EV726241
EVOC: The lightweight and robust travel bag is the secure high-end solution for easy bike transport. No matter what kind of bike you travel with: its sophisticated geometry and the adjustable BIKE STAND PRO keep the bike perfectly protected throughout its journey.  FEATURESFits most : Cros..
Ex Tax:£599.99
Brand: Evoc Model: EV715481
EVOC: Perfect BIKE TRAVEL BAG if more space is needed – for safe and easy transportation of Plus- and Fat Bikes.FEATURESPLUS SIZE WHEEL COMPARTMENT - Plus sized wheels can be carried in these bags.Variable Frame Fixation Equipment (V.A.F.F.E.)Separate Wheel CompartmentsSKATE WHEEL, REPLACEABLE..
Ex Tax:£489.99
Brand: Evoc Model: EV707660
EVOC: Perfect BIKE TRAVEL BAG if more space is needed – for safe and easy transportation of Plus- and Fat Bikes.FEATURESFits: 20“ BMXWheel compartmentSKATE WHEEL, REPLACEABLEBusiness card compartmentFoldableLockable zip SPECIFICATIONSWeight: 7000 gMeasures: 27 x 133 x 58 cmCol..
Ex Tax:£274.99
Brand: Evoc Model: EV728979
EVOC: The elastic tension straps fit perfectly on the multifunctional attachment loops of all COMMUTE backpacks and allows for flexibe transport of additional gear such as a helmet, jacket or even parcels on the exterior of the backpack.Easy to hook thanks to rotating carabiners"Glow in the Dark"- c..
Ex Tax:£28.00
Brand: Evoc Model: EV711131
EVOC: Detachable extra wheel for EVOC BIKE BAG PRO and ROAD BIKE BAG PRO to clip into aluminium front handle for more comfortable bike travel.FEATURESONLY FITS FOR ALUMINIUM FRONT HANDLE WITH TWO (2) FIXATION PIN HOLESClick CLIP-ON WHEEL 2-PIN to ALUMINIUM FRONT HANDLE by feeding pins into pin holes..
Ex Tax:£25.00
Brand: Evoc Model: EV715504
EVOC: The ROAD BIKE ADAPTER (DISC) is used for packing road bikes in our bike bags BIKE TRAVEL BAG and BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO.FEATURESFits: road bike, triathlon bikePacking position optimizedNot to be used in combination with BIKE STAND SPECIFICATIONSWeight: 210gMeasures: 10 x 18 x 35cm..
Ex Tax:£34.99
Brand: Evoc Model: EV726111
EVOC: Revolutionary hybrid road-, and triathlon bike travel bag for very safe and convenient bike transportation.FEATURESBIKE FITTING PROOF – only wheels and pedals needs to be removedExtralight and ultrasafe hybrid construction – COLLAPSIBLEEasy to travel with – thanks to extra wi..
Ex Tax:£799.99
Brand: Evoc Model: EV722892
EVOC: Transport your wheels safely and stylishly with the ROAD BIKE WHEEL CASE. Perfectly adapted, the cases also fit in the wheel bags of our bike bags BIKE TRAVEL BAG and BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO. Fits: EVOC BIKE TRAVEL BAG (PRO)Reinforced axle protectionCarry handles..
Ex Tax:£119.99
Brand: Evoc Model: EV722915
EVOC: The TWO WHEEL BAG accommodates two bike rims at the same time (also suitable for ≤ 29 inch bike wheels). Reinforced axle protectionDivider (integrated)Carry handles..
Ex Tax:£89.99
Brand: Topeak Model: TPG-EX
An easy to pack / unpack economical bike travel case featuring high-impact strength, lightweight and flexible, Makrolon® polycarbonate shell. The upright case design with four large ø60mm multi-directional wheels allows luggage-like ease when rolling and includes carry handles for easy transport. ..
Ex Tax:£649.99
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