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Tubeless & Tubular Sealant & Accessories

Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: Effetto Caffelatex Remover 50ml
Stains of latex sealants can be very difficult to remove. The Effetto Caffélatex Remover is a modern solvent that will soften/dissolve dried-out natural or synthetic latex stains from bicycle frames and clothes.• Very strong and fast.• State-of-the-art stain removal from fabrics.• Restore blo..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: Effetto Caffelatex Tubeless Kit 25mm Medium
To take full advantage of the superb Caffélatex sealant, Effetto have created tubeless conversion kits to convert standard bicycle wheels into tubeless (2 wheels per kit).Caffélatex Tubeless Conversion Kit has been developed for Tubeless, Tubeless-Ready, 2Bliss and TNT (Tube No Tube) mountain bike..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: Effetto Caffelatex ZOT Nano 10ml
Effetto Caffélatex ZOT! Nano is an instant polymerization catalyser for Caffélatex, useful in case of relevant tyre damages. When the damage size exceeds the maximum sealable by normal tyre sealants (around 5 mm) and Caffélatex sealant escapes the hole without repairing it, ZOT! can be injected t..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: Effetto Espresso OSFA One Size Fits All Clip
The Effetto Espresso o.s.f.a. (one size fits all) Clip is c-clip that allows to carry Espresso (75 ml) or Espresso Doppio (125 ml) canisters under the bottle cage.A new Clip material allows to use this holder for both Espresso and Espresso Doppio. Equipped with a special aerospace-grade silicone ela..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: Effetto Espresso Puncture Repair and Inflate 75ml
Espresso is an inflate & repair cartridge for the demanding cyclists and racers. The Espresso bike tyre inflator is perfect for both road and off-road applications, fixing punctures on tube-type, tubeless and tubular tyres...
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: Effetto Espresso Strap
The Espresso Strap is a universal adapter to securely fasten cylindrical objects (pumps, CO2 cartridges, inflate & repair canisters…) to a bicycle frame, stem or seatpost.Designed for our Espresso or Espresso Doppio...
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: Effetto Presta Valve Key x10
Contents:10x tubeless valve core tool..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: Effetto Vegetalex Tubeless Sealant 250ml
Effetto Végétalex is a plant-based tyre sealant with all natural repairing ingredients• Extremely durable• Lightweight• Compatible with the use of CO2 cartridges• Biodegradable and totally plastic free• Low maintenance• Easy to cleanVégétalex doesn’t trigger allergic reactions in p..
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Brand: Effetto Mariposa Model: Effetto Vitamina CL Sealant Additive 200ml
Effetto Vitamina CL is a sealant additive made to mix with Caffélatex.Added directly inside the tyre to Caffélatex sealant, V-CL increases the maximum repairable puncture size while reducing repair time and pressure loss...
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Brand: Lezyne Model: L-1-PK-CLKIT-V1BOX
POP Box of 24 Lezyne Classic Patch Kits The Lezyne Classic Kit is a simple, traditional, utilitarian patch kit. The case holds rubber adhesive, patches and stainless steel scuffer. Patch kit instructions have an adhesive backing to serve as emergency tire boot...
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Brand: Lezyne Model: L-1-PK-SMART-V1BOX
Smart Patch Kits Counter Top 34 count The Lezyne Smart Kit has a low profile polypropylene case makes this patch kit ideal for race situations. The glueless patches conform to inflated tubes with an aggressive adhesive making them a permanent repair. The patch kit instructions have an adhesive back..
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Brand: Stan's No Tubes Model: NT-AS0015
Removes presta and schrader valve cores. CNC machined, anodised finish with laser etched logo. Fits between spokes for quick and easy core removal. Features a knurled end for a no-slip grip...
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