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Brand: Ale Clothing Model: AL752A3XL
These ultra-lightweight gloves provides a great grip on the handlebars and peerless protection through its well thought out design. **Features** * **Traditional suede construction** provides the palm with a premium feel against your skin * **Anti-shock gel** gives optimal protection and a sup..
Ex Tax:£53.99
Brand: Ale Clothing Model: AL755AL
Designed for winter riding, this technical glove is constructed with Alé’s 3-layer waterproof fabric, with thermal padding and a soft-fleece lining making them suitable for cold and wet conditions. For the optimal feel, grip and smartphone compatibility, it features a rolled eco-suede connect pal..
Ex Tax:£66.99
Brand: Ale Clothing Model: AL753AL
This technical glove comes with an adjustable wrist for an optimal fit, plus silicone grippers and anti-shock inserts to sustain grip on rough roads. **Features** * **Lives up to its name** Snug fit and padded palms make these gloves the ideal choice for any ride * **Antishock Gel pads** acro..
Ex Tax:£34.00
Brand: Ale Clothing Model: AL754AL
These full-fingered gloves with touchscreen compatibility have been engineered specifically for the demands of off-road riding. **Features** * **Adjustable Velcro strap** keeps the gloves securely in place * **Palm reinforcement** maximises grip for technical descents * **Feature rich** touc..
Ex Tax:£54.99
Brand: Ale Clothing Model: AZ752AM/L
Created exclusively with neoprene, these gloves have a pre-shaped ergonomic fit and technical bonded seams for ultimate protection in wet conditions. **Features** * **For all cyclists** who love to ride even in the colder conditions * **Neoprene** is a synthetic rubber that is entirely water..
Ex Tax:£49.99
Brand: Ale Clothing Model: AZ750A2XL
Undergloves in soft plush Superroubaix fabric with ant slip design on the palm to improve grip on the handlebars. * **Superroubaix Fabric** for all day warmth and comfort * **Silicone Palm Print** provides extra grip on your bike **Details and Materials:** * Recommended temperature: 10-18 ..
Ex Tax:£48.00
Brand: Ale Clothing Model: AL751BXS
These highly technical, aerodynamically optimised short fingered gloves have been created with the scientifically developed SunSelect fabric which has a protective filtering effect to provide a safer suntan by controlling the UV waves that hit your skin. **Features** * **Traditional suede cons..
Ex Tax:£49.99
Brand: Ale Clothing Model: AL750CXXL
Chrono short fingered glove with high, aerodynamic wrist, Soft Suede on the palm, medium padding for comfort and shock absorption with breathable material on the back **Features** * **Finger loops** provide ease of removal * **High Cuff** sits flat against the wrist to minimise drag * **Sued..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Brand: Ale Clothing Model: AZ751AXS
A padded technical glove engineered for colder weather, featuring anti-slip silicone on the palm to improve grip on the bars, touchscreen-compatible forefinger, and reflective accents for added visibility. * **Thermic 3L** to hold onto warmth and prevent heat loss * **Extended Cuff** for protect..
Ex Tax:£47.99
Brand: Altura Model: AL18ARGV1-BL-XXL
Altura: A GLOVE THAT CAN ADAPT TO ANY ADVENTURE The Altura All Roads Adapt Unisex Cycling Gloves provide comfort in a lightweight fabric with the added benefit of a water resistant retractable outer cover, which tucks away neatly on the back hand when not in use. The Amara palm fabric is comfortable..
Ex Tax:£35.00
Brand: Altura Model: AL18ARGV2-CA-L
Altura: A STYLISH AND WATERPROOF GLOVE THAT IS READY TO TAKE ON THE WILDEST OF ADVENTURES The Altura All Roads Waterproof Glove is a welcome addition to our Adventure range with its stylish marl effect wool mix outer that encases a waterproof Rainguard™ membrane that will keep the rain out whe..
Ex Tax:£55.00
Brand: Altura Model: AL18ESKGV1-BL-XXL
Altura: A LIGHTWEIGHT YET TOUGH GLOVE THAT HAS BEEN ENGINEERED FOR COMFORT The Altura Esker Unisex Cycling Glove is lightweight but tough and was developed with year-round riding in mind. A Kevlar mix fabric across the knuckle area offers protection from scuffs where it is most needed with a focus o..
Ex Tax:£35.00
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